Welcome to Steeple, where we specialize in empowering churches and houses of worship through strategic branding. As a subsidiary of the TouchDown Company, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of branding, strategy, storytelling, media training, and promotional work. Our mission is to help churches effectively communicate their unique message, engage their communities, and make a lasting impact.

Harsh Reality

The truth is, the local church is declining. 

We believe the reason for this decline is due to the fact that the church has not effectively communicated their message in a way that rises above the noise of this communication filled world and society it exists in.


Our comprehensive service offerings include:


Branding Strategy

We work closely with churches to develop a tailored branding strategy that aligns with their core values and vision.

By understanding the church’s identity, target audience, and desired outcomes, we create a roadmap for establishing a strong and cohesive brand presence.


Media Training

In an increasingly digital age, churches must adapt to effectively utilize various media platforms.

We provide comprehensive media training to equip pastors, church leaders, and staff with the skills needed to engage with the media, handle interviews, and communicate their message effectively.


Compelling Storytelling

We believe that every church has a powerful story to share. Our team of skilled storytellers will help uncover your church’s narrative, highlighting its history, values, and impact on the community.

Through captivating storytelling, we ensure that your message resonates with both existing members and newcomers.


Promotional Work

We understand the importance of reaching out to the community and attracting new members.

Our promotional services encompass the creation of engaging marketing materials, digital campaigns, social media strategies, and event promotions to help increase visibility and drive attendance.

We believe passionately that the local church is the
hope of the world, with the greatest message out there:
the message of the Gospel.


Partnering with Steeple is crucial for churches for several reasons:

Enhanced Communication

Effective branding allows churches to clearly communicate their values, mission, and unique offerings. By defining a strong brand identity, churches can connect with their congregation and the wider community more meaningfully, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

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Community Engagement

A well-crafted brand presence helps churches engage with their local community and attract new members. Through strategic storytelling and promotional efforts, churches can share their impactful work and encourage others to join their mission, fostering growth and meaningful relationships.

Consistent Messaging

A cohesive brand strategy ensures that all communication channels, from social media to sermon series, consistently reflect the church's values and vision. This alignment builds trust, strengthens connections, and creates a memorable experience for both existing and potential members.

Media Savviness

In an era of rapid media consumption, media training is essential for churches. By equipping church leaders with the skills to effectively engage with the media, churches can seize opportunities to share their message with a wider audience and positively impact their community.

Let’s talk

Got a project?

We believe that communication is key, and we are here to listen and collaborate with you. When you partner with TouchDown Company, you gain more than just a consulting service—you gain a dedicated team that becomes an extension of your brand. We understand that your brand is not just what you say; it’s what your audience says. As a bridge between your brand and your target market, we ensure that the two align seamlessly.

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