Who We Are

We are a team that champions bringing together as many unique perspectives as possible to solve brands’ biggest challenges.


That’s why everyone at TouchDown has a major (what it says on our email signatures) and a minor (our secret superpowers). We are creators, musicians, engineers, historians and more. And in everything we do, we allow our expert fluency across different pockets of culture to inform the boardroom and elevate the work.

Thaddaeus Washington
Co-Founder, CEO

Thaddaeus drives the strategic vision and growth for TouchDown, evangelizing the value proposition of peace. As President and Principal he brings a unique blend of business acumen, technology prowess and high-level commitment to client relationships. Every day he works hard to ensure that every department delivers exceptional brand experiences (the work), exceptional client experiences and exceptional employee experiences. An accomplished musician (guitar), studied Music Performance and Business at the Bowling Green State University. Thaddaeus now has over a decade of experience in advertising and branding, including work for Tim Hortons and MetroPCS.

Darrell Sheares
Co-Founder, COO

Darrell oversees creative and design across all client engagements. His day-to-day involves collaboratively working with business leaders to evolve their brand experiences through strategic implementations. Since the start of TouchDown he has worked on successful projects for Tim Hortons, University of Toledo, and TEDx.